Saturday, 4 June 2011

♥ 03.06.2011


I saw my last post was on 28.05.2011
today is 03.06.2011 if not wrong.

holidays passed 1 week
what a damn boring holidays
stay at home watch <yes sir no sir>
4 days finish. i have nothing to do at home!

but always go out too
i don't like the people who keep pattern a lot if we ask him/her go out
difficult to answer? just YES or NO.
please don't say see first or what. i hate it. 
if cannot then just say it. 

that someone pattern also
we always ask that someone come out
that someone keep give lousy excuse. 
ok, i know you don't want to go out.
but please, please don't say we don't want ask you go out next time since we ask you go out 10times,only 1 time you will out.

ok, don't want to talk about that..
this really make my angry.

In this holiday,
sometimes i go out with my ex classmates, sometimes with my princess and Wansing
Yeen, where are you?
i miss you. when you want go out with me again?

Insidious !!! i wish i can watch it
but no chance :(
i love horror movie very much ! 

tomorrow is our ex secondary school's PBSM's camp
i want to go but i  not really want to go too (contradict)
i have to wait and see 571 going or not first
because if i go alone, no point what :|

quite regret of  something
arhhh.  i not really think have chance again.
hmmmmm. if have chance, the chance is only 40% i think.  so sad
and maybe i will not have time to do it if have the chance again
it's too bad :'(
i'm stupid.

ok. i have to stop since i have nothing to write.
and my english really poor! :(
i not really know the spelling and i am really weak in vocabulary

stop here.

by P

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