Wednesday, 22 June 2011

♥ 22.06.2011

quite less use netbook 2 on9 recently.
so, will be less blogging now.
i nid 2 do revision n homework.
gayaogayao :)

talk about 2day.
the 1st n second period was koku.
2day is permainan n i m the member of ping pong club.
it's too bad bcoz i dunno how 2 play ping pong at all.
ya, dunno at all.
okay-.- i had play b4. when i was 11 ? but not as well as my basketball.
i oso cnt play well in basketball too actually-.-
then the upper 6 student of ping pong club teached me how 2 kick off the ping pong ball
actually not dat hard juz i not reali like it.

2day was the 1st day of combining class too
our lower 6 BIOLOGY n lower 6 PHYSICS class combined some of the period
only biology n maths period didn't combine now.
it's bad 4 us actually.
this was wat we think yesterday.
i juz felt got a bit unhappy after knew this.
but after 2day, i felt like quite ok because PA n Chemistry's teacher in Physic class is a good teacher
they teached well
y all the good teacher gone 2 Physics class 1 ?
not fair ! ;p

i was quite sad after knew dat our PA's teacher can't rmber me
he said i m familiar. but i think he 4got me oredi :(
is me teacher ! u teach me b4. can't u rmber? :(

i alwez feel like our class so warm, comfortable n lovely
bcoz only hav 10 students in our class
we getting closer 2 each other
although 4 of them r malay, but they r friendly. 4 me.

n we hav frens in Physics class oso
we chit chat, laugh n sometimes eat 2gether

i reali happy v my skul life now
i hav my jimui dat alwez accompany me n still stay the same class v me ;D
they help me a lot too in my academic
Arlene ;p
i wanna say thankiuuuuu 2 u 2
i noe i m annoying ;p

i m just hoping dat my skul life will nvr end ;)

gonna stop here.

by P

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