Tuesday, 28 June 2011

♥ 28.06.2011

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO wei jian AND ah peng :D
wish u 2 hav a great day 2day.

I had finish <我相信你> by 雨文 2days ago
it's really nice.
雨文's novels quite nice 1.

i juz rmber dat time i read <十二岁半> by 黑妈妈
not dat nice.
felt bored. felt like wasted 4 buying tis novel.
dat time b4 i read tis novel, i juz read <中学不准谈恋爱> by杨宝贝
杨宝贝can write even better than 红蜻蜓少年小说
i juz said the truth. all the novels from thr r getting worse.
only 邓秀茵沈雨仙 n 雨文's novels dat r really nice.

my skul life was quite busy.
i am going 4 the kem perdana tis friday until sunday.
oh no. i hav problemsssss !
n i cnt attend 4 the interact installation & IU day tis saturday.
sorry Yeen.
she juz gave me the invitation letter 4 me 2day then i oso rejected it 2day .
u noe i wish i can be thr.
but my koku marks is important.
i have no more marks 4 my koku tis years.

talk about our maths 2's teacher Mr Gan.
i  was so pity about him :(
but i noe he pity about us bcoz we cnt find a maths's tutor.
he wish 2 giv us tuition but he is sick n not feeling well all the time.

ohya, n i had been scolded by the koku's teacher Reduan ? i think tis is his name.
he kept said me kurang ajar.
sorry lar. i really didn't noticed u r talking thr-.-
he really fierce when scolding me.
but i 4got what he scold oredi :p
bcoz i really not listen 2 him. my fren told me he kept scolding me kurang ajar then i only noticed about dat. haha
but i noe he ask me go back 2 my ex-skul.
yea. i wish 2 if i can. my ex-secondary skul dunhav science stream in form 6 :(
n finally, he said me rude 2 him. i never rude 2 him bcoz i juz no manners i think.
anyway, tis not a big deal.

2mrw is our holiday ! woohoo.
but we r going 2 skul 2 paint n decorate our class.
hopefully all will be done smoothly.


by P

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