Sunday, 3 July 2011

♥ 01.07.2011 --> 03.07.2011 KEM PERDANA

okay. fine.
i m back.
back from the kem perdana.
it's reali suck i noe.

1st day (Friday)
we went skul normally
we hav 2 enter the camp at 3pm

when i go fetch HuiPing
she ask me suddenly "did u noe wat happened 2 571 ?"
"har? wat happened ?" i was thinking maybe she dunwan 2 go 4 the camp ad.
"u reali dunno ?" she luks so serious. i was thinking maybe something happened 2 571.
"wat happened ?" i ask again.
"she accident."
"har?!?!?!?!?" i m reali shocked n my heart gonna dropped out.
"she's ok ? she's hurts ?" i reali very worried about her.
"i oso dunno. juz now JiaLi phoned me. she told me 571 accident after 571 went fetch her. ask me 2 tell teacher dat they will be late 2 enter the camp. her sound like very scared."
"har??? are them ok ???"
"i oso dunno. JiaLi didn't tell me. " i can felt she's worried too.

then we cnt contact her n i was juz reali worried.
so i try 2 sms her.
after few hours she only reply me.
received her msg, i only felt relieved bcoz i oredi knew she is ok now. :D

she told me maybe she dunwan come 4 the camp ad.
i ask her come so dat we can accompany her.
i noe wat she feel now. i m very sure she will be blame herself, maybe will cry oso. i mean not in front of ppl. is in her heart.
she nids us ! 

finally she n JiaLi came.
i dunwan ask her so detail bcoz i noe she dunwan say.
i think she will cry if she say. i noe she dunwan let us c she cry.
so i juz talk v her about other things when face 2 her.
i juz wan u 2 be hapi my fren ! :)

now talk about tis useless camp.
we hav ntg 2 do in 1st day.
juz lying, eating n talking thr.
after dat only hav some LDK.

i m the faci of group 10.
i didn't talked much v them.
but they r funny :)

i still rmber their sorakan.
apa yang penting?
kerjasama  !!
apa yang penting?
kerjasama  !!!
apa yang penting ?
kerjasama !!!!!

n change to
hot ke?
hot lar.
spicy ke?
spicy lar.
champion ke?
champion lar.

LOL. laugh sei me.

but i reali dunhav much time v them.

the second day, while they were playing explorace, we juz slp in the class.
we juz slp n slp in tis camp. so boring. nothing 2 do.
we met a lot of birdsss. u noe. is a kind of pig birdsss :)
act act act.
look down on us. 
wat 2 do ? it's their camp.

we hav larian 1 malaysia 2day.
we met our other frens in skul.
we didn't run but juz did some pattern of run.
we only walked half way then follow them back.

after dat we slp in class.
i were boring after i woke up.
i called Yeen but she didn't answer my call.
then i kip wait.
she called me finally.
she ask me 2 slp. so bad-.-
then i waited 571 2 wake up.
we went 2 watch ping pong match.
we hav took part actuali, but she said lazy 2 go, so we juz stay in the class :p

after we went 2 dewan, Yeen saw me n come scolded me-.-
she said she lose 4 the ping pong match bcoz of us.
bcoz we dunwan play, she n her fren had 2 play v Joseph them.
then after dat we watch watch watch.
the siao za bo so annoying, kip scolded the lc guy.
we kip laugh thr.

after skul, we back 2 camp n slp again.
2day i helped 2 cut the hotdog.
571 them helped them 2 "burn" the chicken.
we hav ntg 2 do n can only help 2 do tis.
many things they dunwan us 2 do.
watever. so we oso slp a lot 2day.

at nite, thr r persembahan n majlis penutup.
only we "budak cina" went it.
all of them dunno went whr.
but we juz back class on 10pm.
bcoz we hav 2 spend the nite on watch around 12 to 2am.
but i oso dunno wat happened, while i slping, some1 tell me no nid 2 watch on the nite.
so we juz slp until the nxt morning.

the last day.
we brought the ahli go into the jungle n walked.
we r the 1st group. i was quite scared will sesak although hav tanda thr ad.

when they reached the checkpoint, they juz follow wat the teachers or faci ask 2 do.
i juz kip watching thr, n sometime laugh :p

ok, u all did well oso.
althoug i noe u all didn't get the prize i think.

i leave the camp earlier.
not me only. 571, HuiPing, JiaLiCatherine n YikRu oso.

it's reali a suck camp. 
watever. it's over :)

but i noe we all getting closer 2 each other after tis camp.
do you ?
especially JiaLi.
we knew she's a bad gal now !!!! :P


by P


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