Monday, 4 July 2011

♥ 04.07.2011

i was shocked when i knew tis news.
but i oredi noe it will happen oso after sometime.
anyway, u still hav me. okay ?
i will always be thr 4 u my dear Yeen :)

HuiPing n Catherine didn't came 2 skul.
but we learned a lot of new things 2day especially chemistry.
luckily i came, if not i will regret 4 many days. teehee.

we r free on pengajian am n muet period.
so, 571, Joseph n me juz kip on sengka.
Joseph hav many stories thr.
he was quite unfortunate last year.
bang the cow on the road
chicken pox
n oso bacteria infection in his brain? maybe he kena something...

i felt sorry 2 him bcoz i still rmber dat time we never visit him when he was in hospital.
it is too far 4 us 2 go malacca dat time since we all dunhav the licen.
ermmm. no. i meant we still r new driver on the road.
we still cnt drive 2 the far places like malacca.

i was thinking about my ex-classmate when i wrote until here.
i cherish friendship among all of us.
i m glad bcoz i had been study in 5sc1 :)
i miss all of you too accept those i c in skul :p
anyway, F.R.A.N.C.E !

talk about other thing.
okay, let me tell you.
why always think dat only is my fault ?
can u pls think oso wat u did but not only think wat i did.
i am reali angry about dat.
u can't blame me if i treat u like tis.
u hav 2 think did u care b4 ?
okay. maybe u reali care, but u juz repeat the same mistake.
sorry, i m not the 1 who r patient.
not dat 1 who understand u.

i wan 2 tell u u not sit at the right seat.
pls dun think i m saying about u.
only myself noe who am i talking about.


by P


  1. 哈哈,笑屁,对呀~哈哈,小米不是天主教,

  2. 噢噢,也对吼,感觉会很乱?