Tuesday, 12 July 2011

♥ 12.07.2011

oh ya.
finally, i hav time to blog.

i m gonna exam soon.
it will kill me :(
i saw Physics class wrote on the whiteboard "12days"
ala, they all made us kan zheong.
not STPM k. juz a small exam ;p

i alwez thinking of nonsence things.
i noe i dunhav the luck. hmmm.
but i might want 2 try it too.
although i noe it juz wasting my time.
i should use the time 2 do maths..do revision of chemis.
since i reali cnt follow the syallabus.
it's quite sad. chemistry is my favourite sub.

luckily, we hav Mr Lok.
he teached well in tuition.
thx sir :)

btw, Mr.Gan reali teached fast in tuition.
i hav 2 be more hardworking since maths is reali hard !
gayao gayao !

hey you
i juz wan 2 tell u
maybe i will hate u soon ;)

i alwez appreciate my skul life.
i love them
my classmates

my frens
i miss the time we chitchat in the class
i miss the time we gathering
i love all of you ! :)

i will alwez put 041,571 n 123 in my heart
they r my famillies !
love them too :)

stop here.

by P

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