Saturday, 16 July 2011

♥ 16.07.2011

i was happy after i done it.
yea. but quite disappointed  bcoz i didn't receive the reply.

oh ya.
exam is coming soon.
wat am i doing now ?
i was reali reali lazy.

my second brother get silver engineering in UTM.
i was shocked bcoz dat was not his choice.
he reali get a good result in STPM, y he still cnt get the subject dat he want ?
i was quite sad n worry.
i think i sure will get max 3.0only  in STPM.
so, wat U can i get ? wat subject can i get ?
sorry frens, for scaring u all.
we must work hard together !

I was reali tired yesterday.
after back from skul,i went mlc v my frens.
they got tuition but sent us 2 Jusco oso.

i was quite unhappy initially.
i have done 2 bought the presents for them ! teehee !
but my purse was breeding n i borrowed some money from Arlene :(
thx my fren.

but i like dat kind of my sense of achievement.
bcoz i was reali hardworking 2 walked thr n walked here for searching the presents.
n finally, i bought the best 1 for them.(erm..for me is the best:)

thx my fren for accompany me 2 go shopping n helped me in choosing presents.
thx my fren who fetch us.
thankiuuu all of you !

after back from mlc, I followed Jef n 041 go yamcha.
i was reali tired n felt like dunwan 2 go but i went too.
so the result was, i back early :p
sori my fren, but i reali beh tahan ad.
tired n i beh tahan wat he was talking about.
u looked mean.
u nid 2 be careful, my mum041 :|

after i wen back.
i was reali quickly 2 fell asleep.

sori for didn't clbrate it 2day my son.
i noe u r unhappy.


by P

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