Sunday, 14 August 2011


finally i can blog now.
my dad lend me his broadband.
but it's quite slow :[
but better than cnt blog :S

i was quite busy during weekends.

this friday i felt like wan 2  rest n dunwan go out.
bcoz every friday i hav activities.
so now juz felt dunwan go out bcoz of tired :[
they ask me go cheong k
i rejected
ask me go yamcha
i rejected

princess asked me go melaka
i went -.-
n dat time was 6.++pm

n i juz accompany her bought her things.
n i bought a hp bag.
it's very cute !!

a cute rabbit. 

then we back home about 10.++ pm after we hav MCD :D
arhhh.. a tired day.

the nxt morning, i woke up early bcoz we hav tuition at melaka.
luckily i didn't felt so sleepy like last time.
so i more concentrated than last time.
but it's quite hard 2 memorize even now i oredi 4gt about it :p

after back from melaka, we hav math's tuition at 2.30pm.
after tuition, i went melaka again.
my brother is going 2 uni nxt month.
he gonna buy the clothes n staffs from thr.

long time didn't go shopping v them. :')
i juz gave some opinion about the clothes.
n he will buy a laptop dat cost RM2999 sponser by my uncle :P

n i finally hav diarrhea.
every time went go v them -.-

but it's quite happy :)
n i bought a lot of full scape for me, 571 n arlene :D

it's reali lag !
gonna stop now.

good luck 2 me !

by P

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